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We would love your help! Any time you are willing to donate goes a long way for our organization. Take a look below to see how you can get involved in the next few weeks.


We carry out homeless missions across all of Phoenix. HOPE for the Homeless organizes Recovery meetings and brings them to the Homeless where they gather, like the Andre House and C.A.S.S.. In addition, we support the meeting attendees with food, blankets, clothes, new socks/underwear, toiletries and other basic necessities that we package in our HOPE bags.


Our ultimate mission is to establish inpatient recovery rehab dedicated to serving the homeless through support and opportunity. Learn more about how you can get involved below.

Assembly and Meal Preparation


Day: Saturdays Preceding the 3rd Sunday of Each Month

Time: 9 to 11 am

Location: Mountain Park Church
16461 S. 48th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85048

HOPE for the Homeless volunteers prepare a meal that will be served on the following Sunday and assemble 1500+ HOPE bags containing items needed by the homeless for their daily subsistence. 

Each bag contains the following: 

  • Toiletries: Toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash and deodorant. 

  • First Aid Kit: band aids, antiseptic ointment, q-tips, sunscreen and lip balm. 

  • Food: Our partner The MidWest Food Bank supplies us with a snack pack containing four to five various food items. 

  • Emergency Survival Blanket: these blankets are crucial to help keep them warm in the cold months and protect them from the hest of the sun in the warmer times. 

  • Socks: New socks are a crucial necessity for this community.

  • Resources Guides: Guides for resources such as The Phoenix Rescue Mission to give options for getting off the streets and into treatment. 

  • Scripture readings: Uplifting spiritual messages give the homeless hope and reminds them of our mission of sharing the Love of Jesus! 


The bags cost approximately $5 each. If you like to support this part of our mission please consider being a monthly donor. If you'd like to setup a monthly monetary donation please click here.

HOPE Recovery


Day: 3rd Sunday of Every Month

Meeting: 1 to 2 pm

Meal Setup: 1:30 to 3pm

Location: Andre House
213 S. 11th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Addiction and homelessness often goes hand in hand. But there is HOPE.


HOPE for the Homeless organizes 12 Step recovery meetings and brings them to the homeless. We currently facilitate a meeting every Sunday at the Andre House followed by a meal. Each Sunday is hosted by a different group or organization to Chair the meeting and sponsor the meal. The third Sunday of the month is HOPE for the Homeless' day. 


After the meeting we serve the meal we prepared the previous Saturday and distribute HOPE bags and donations. 


The Andre House would like to add more meetings during the week. Additionally, the new St. Vincent de Paul shelter on Washington and 28th St is looking to host additional meetings.


If you'd like to host a meeting with or without a meal please contact us using the form below.



Day: 3rd Sunday of Every Month

Time: 1:30 to 3 pm

Location: Mountain Park Church
16461 S. 48th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85048

The HOPE bags are distributed throughout the Phoenix area by the following organizations:

  • Phoenix Rescues Mission

  • Urban Outreach

  • Identifreed

  • Fire and Water

  • HOPE for the Homeless

  • Le Mesa Ministries

  • HOPE Assembly of the Valley

  • Help the People


The bags are the perfect icebreaker for opening up dialog and ministry.  The ultimate goal is to offer life changing solutions!

On the 3rd Sunday of the month we handout the bags during our meal service at the Andre House. 


We also encourage anyone to grab some bags and hand them out as you see the need.  They can be picked up at the bag packing event or arrangements can be made by emailing us. 


Organization wanting to obtain bags can contact us using the Make An Impact form below.

Join us for some fun!


Day: Saturday January 20, 2024

Time: 6:30am - 2pm

Join us for the First Annual Ahwatukee Gym Crawl Fundraiser!


Go to or scan the QR code below to register.



We know that making an impact can sometimes seem daunting. We've learned that taking action (even something as small as filling out this form) makes a lasting difference. Take 20 seconds and fill it out, let's make an impact together.

How would you like to get involved?

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