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Chemical Dependency and homelessness go hand and hand. HOPE for the Homeless is dedicated to supporting the homeless population in Phoenix, Arizona through their addiction recovery journey.


HOPE for the Homeless was started in 2012 by Tim Berry and a small group of men at Mountain Park Church dedicated to helping people suffering from substance abuse and addiction. What started as a recovery program quickly expanded into a support group for indigent and unsheltered persons in Phoenix. Providing nutritious meals to those in need has always been a critical part of the outreach mission of Hope for the Homeless. Over the years the services offered by Hope for the Homeless have expanded where today volunteers prepare and serve nutritious hot meals, pack and distribute Hope Bags filled with essential personal care items – soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant, sunscreen, first aid kits, bottled water along with clothing, blankets and non-perishable food items. Annually over 50,000 men and women receive services provided by Hope for the Homeless and its faithful sponsors and volunteers.  


In 2018 HOPE for the Homeless was incorporated as an Arizona nonprofit corporation and is a tax exempt non-profit charity under section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. In addition HOPE for the Homeless is a Qualified Charitable Organization as designated by the Arizona Department of Revenue. 


Today HOPE for the Homeless delivers on its mission through the efforts of dedicated volunteers who serve the community by packing Hope Bags preparing and serving meals and distributing essential personal care items and food.  Volunteers are essential to carrying out the mission of HOPE for the Homeless by donating their time, resources and services to the mission of HOPE for the Homeless. 


Since the beginning HOPE for the Homeless has been dedicated to supporting individuals in need of education, advice, comfort and counsel in the areas of (1) substance abuse – including abstinence, avoidance and recovery; (2) continued sobriety; (3) seeking, obtaining and maintaining gainful employment; (4) finding safe, secure temporary and permanent housing; (5) maintaining personal health and hygiene; (6) growing in their religious faith; and (7) gaining a respect for healthy nutrition and living, together with all other acts and activities that directly or indirectly support the foregoing.


For more information about HOPE for the Homeless, or to volunteer contact us here.



We're deeply grateful for the community support we receive. Every penny received is infused back in the local unsheltered population and our current sponsors and donors are responsible for assisting us in our endeavors. If you would like to join our sponsors in their support please reach out to us below.

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